So I’m like maybe I should go to a hotel, but what if I have it? However, he said that her future his wide open and listed the amount of things that Young can do post-WWE. He and his wife Renee are expecting a child. Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. “I look up mine, and it says negative. Now you’re relaxing, having drinks and having a good time.’ I’m just like, ‘this is so weird.’ Who sits on the coach both facing in the same direction feeding each other food. Seth Rollins claimed that he last contacted Jon Moxley after Moxley’s wife Renee Young tested positive for COVID-19. They came back through email. The WWE star ad Smackdown host took their relationship to the next level after dating for five years. This week’s AEW Dynamitesaw some huge breaking news be announced live on the show – as Jon Moxley slipped into his promo that he and wife … It took some time for everyone to catch on when he said “I have a pregnant wife at home”. Renee Young in WWE), wife of top All Elite Wrestling Star Jon Moxley (known as Dean Ambrose in WWE) recently spoke with Chris Van Vliet on a number of topics, including whether Jon Moxley leaving the WWE and jumping ship to AEW played a factor in her decision to leave the promotion as well and on the rumors of her signing with AEW. Words have been circling that the WWE announcer is pregnant and Renee Young has thought it worthwhile to make clarification about her … Currently, she is an on-air personality with WWE appearing as a special contributor on Friday Night SmackDown and on WWE Backstage as co-host under the name Renee Young. Tony Khan has already commented by saying this was the happiest news that they’ve ever delivered on AEW Dynamite. I’ll be at TV tomorrow. Jon Moxley has been in a relationship with Hellena Heavenly (2005). I know she really wants to flex a lot of her skills on camera, even behind the camera with producing and stuff like that. AEW World Champion Jon Moxley recently sat down for an interview on Wrestling Observer Radio where Moxley began the interview by talking about his wife’s cookbook, Renee Young. So at least if I stay home, I don’t spread it anymore. Jon Moxley cut an intense promo on AEW Dynamite this week, and he had a big announcement to make along the way. During this past Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite, the blockbuster news of Renee Paquette’s pregnancy was made by her husband, AEW World Champion Jon Moxley, in a backstage stage while he was delivering a promo.Moxley was reportedly going to let his wife share the news but changed his mind as a way to make his promo even bigger than it already was. “I’m just chilling, but it’s been a circus at my house for the last three days,” Moxley said. WWE announced in January 2019 that Dean Ambrose, his name while wrestling for … “Well, I wasn’t gonna be, but I get put to work even more because then it’s, ‘well, s–t, you can be in the book now’ because it won’t be a wrestling related thing. Go near the onions.’ Oh, OK, well, you learn something new everyday. Click here for our complete coverage of AEW Dynamite from this week. Alright, we’re back on. She can be on AEW. So I just immediately got tested again as soon as I could, but that whole thing sucked. Good began dating Renee in 2013. She seems to have survived the WWE releases. Khan says he’s read portions of the book and loved what he saw. Jon Moxley and Renee Young started dating in early 2013 and married on 9 April 2017 at their Las Vegas home in an impromptu ceremony. Renee Young on Jon Moxley's story of their first interaction. The two seem even happier now. AEW star Jon Moxley is currently writing a book. She was bad for a couple days. It all worked out, but it sucked man. Jon Moxley broke some pretty big news on AEW Dynamite. I would love to see what he’s doing or how he’s doing or whatever. “There’s no scandal or anything. Currently, Renee Young and Jon Moxley are preparing to be parents. Renee Paquette, formerly known as Renee Young from her time in WWE, took to Instagram on Saturday to reveal she and Jon Moxley are having a baby girl. A fight is a fight and when it comes down to it – Jon Moxley is […] Jon Moxley Moxley is married to current WWE announcer Renee Young. People probably don’t even know what she’s done. He said he has already taken some photos that will be in the cookbook, and he talked about the “bizarre” world of cookbooks. “Right now, there’s a half dozen people downstairs. She gets the best interview out of anybody. The former AEW World Champion is currently writing a book.. AEW President Tony Khan broke the news during an appearance on Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast. I don’t give a s–t, whatever she wants to do to make her happy. 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Moxley revealed in November on an episode of AEW Dynamite that his wife, Renee Paquette, is also pregnant. The video, currently sitting at over 2.4 million views on Twitter, went viral instantly (despite the midnight EST release). You can check out the promo below. I can probably catch a 6 a.m. flight and still make it to TV. Fly home. Back in June, WWE host Renee Young tested positive for Covid-19 after a breakout at WWE’s Performance Center. Jon Moxley’s final WWE storyline with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins “She can be on NHL Network, the Food Network, MTV [or] VH1. She can do anything, so it’s kind of whatever she wants to be, and right now, it’s kind of sitting back and chilling.”. She’s like, ‘maybe we should get tested?’ I’m like, ‘I don’t know’ because I’m thinking no way. The match saw thumbtacks, barbed wire, chairs, and other props being used. His wife's name is Renee Young who is WWE backstage interviewer and on-air personality. I didn’t sleep for two days because I was scared man. ALL ELITE WRESTLING world champion Jon Moxley has revealed he and wife Renee Paquette are expecting their first child. It takes about 36 hours as it comes back the first time, and we’re literally about to lay down in bed. However, by the time the episode ended, the wrestling industry had caught on and congratulations poured in. Moxley … Renee Young got married to Jonathan David Good best known as Dean Ambrose or Jon Moxley and their marriage was done behind the cameras. They were married at their Las Vegas home in … I’ll tell you that.”. “I didn’t know what to do. This is the last day, so I’m glad that’s over.”.
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