A maximized core diameter and reversed taper mean 100% usable line, with no more “dead” line buried in a deep core. This reel has it all. That epic drag sound though isn't the best friend for someone who's trying not to attract attention, as I was soon to discover once I began real life testing. Original Saltiga field-tester Mr Murakoshi says, “the original Saltiga was all about the angler and field tester, 10 Saltiga was all about the engineer and their creations. Spreading the workload and stress across a larger area results in reduced wear and increased strength since more force could be applied without fear of breakage or warping. Anyway, when you rinse this reel after saltwater use, always remember to remove the handle and opposite cap and let freshwater into both openings to rinse any salty deposits away from the mag-sealed bearings. My 'fisherman's sense' turned out to be as much of a disappointment as I was to my poor parents, and my hunger was becoming worse by the minute I actually considered nibbling on a dead octopus that we'd brought as a potential Grouper bait. This structure will protect the internals of the reels and eliminate intrusion of saltwater. I then cranked the drag up to around 20 kilos, briefly touching the spool's face to check for heat but it felt no hotter than the surrounding air. And as I type this article with the reel sitting on my desk looking clean and peaceful, I can't help but smile recalling that only days earlier it was covered in saltwater, fish blood, and my own sweat as the drag screamed braking the runs of one fish after another under a burning sun. Let's make that 'probably delicious' because I did not get to eat any this time. Daiwa 2020 Saltiga Spinning Reel. I can probably write two or three paragraphs filled with superlatives and exclamation marks, but instead I'll just say that it's everything one would ever want in a drag, and that the higher the drag setting goes the more obvious its superiority to anything else becomes. The next logical suspect was sharks, which my guide knew very little about but said others in his town spoke about occasionally catching Makos. The responsiveness of the drag is blazing fast, and within a certain range it's even preemptive. I picked this article for that purpose for two reasons. $800.00 0 bids + shipping . The other side has a similar anodised screw-in cover, even though the body is closed beneath it. You feel better connected to the lure, detect softer bites and experience more sensitivity during the fight with the fish. Daiwa 2020 Saltiga Spinning Reel. Smaller means the per drag washer Max Drag Kg will decrease but we have solved that issues by adding more washers. We have added more drag washers, which means workload gets spread evenly across the drag stack. MagSealed is a new chapter in the history of the fishing reel. Don't get me wrong, those small Saltigas worked fine and did the job, but due to their tiny size they had a considerably different build than their larger siblings. Now with the MQ Body system, 20 Daiwa Saltiga has finally obtained perfect a water resistance system. Now, in 2020 Saltiga is re-imagined delivering anglers the most technologically advanced Saltiga ever produced. The EX was a big success, and having become a status symbol it was only natural that others would take note and eventually introduce their own luxurious spinning reels. Naturally any reel would require an 'extra amount of effort' to wind against a heavy load, and I feel that this required 'extra amount of effort' has become smaller in the new Saltiga compared to the last one. Reels. Products Description Condition Brand new in Box Brand DAIWA Model 20 SALTIGA 20000-H Reel type SPINNING Gear Ratio 5.8:1 MAX DRAG 30kg LINE CAPACITY 50lb- 280yds, 60lb- 220yds RETRIEVE … My guide knew what I wanted, and he kept talking to other fishermen until he got a tip that some huge bluefins have been lurking somewhere. The aluminum air rotor is more than double the strength compared to the 15 Daiwa Saltiga. Well, maybe I'll add another exception for cookie dough ice cream, but only if I get to lick it off Naomi's neck. Out of all the components within the reel, the Line Roller takes the most damage from the salt, sand and other elements your line picks up whilst fishing. Original Saltiga field-tester Mr Murakoshi says, “the original Saltiga was all about the angler … Not that it became much fairer to fish with the 14000 anyway. This new knob is larger than its predecessors, it's made of hollowed metal, and is every bit as comfortable as it is elegant. In 2020 Saltiga will return to the market with the introduction of a MQ body and brand-new cosmetics. Daiwa's people seem to function on a whole different level. I believe it. If I was not fishing I was on my way to the next fishing destination as I fought that lingering boat rocking sensation. In doing this Daiwa reclaims the inceptive principle of the Saltiga as a heavy duty saltwater reel and nothing else. Nothing even comes close. Now, in 2020 Saltiga daiwa reels is re-imagined delivering anglers the most technologically advanced Saltiga ever produced. The farther you go from the rotation axis, the main shaft in this case, the less energy you'll need to expend to counter the torque. Our engineers succeeded in further devolving the MagSealed invention to a new level. The Saltiga spinning reels have three magsealed bearings using Daiwa's magnetic oil system. The monocoque body creates more space for a larger diameter drive gear while improving the performance of the water-resistant system even more. Daiwa Saltiga 2020 Spinning Reels - SALTIGAG10000H The Daiwa Saltiga 2020 Spinning … Perfect for someone targeting GT, Tuna and Kingfish. For a long lifespan and a silky-smooth running over a long period. Accurate. It certainly was not what bit my Albacore. This relocates the protection to the edges of the roller instead of deep inside it, and keeps the roller's mag-seal count at two instead of what would've been four of them. Judging the durability of a new finish without years of use is almost impossible, and anything I say about these finishes is and will always remain an initial evaluation, not some sort of a final conclusion. I'm saying 'proper' because when I was young I took turns with others winding big multipliers from fighting chairs with all sorts of huge billfish at the end of the line, but that's not something I'd count or care for. Over hundreds of hours I made a special connection with this reel, and being a finely crafted item I still enjoy it even when it's not being used. Strapped the gimbal, rod butt in, and off went the bait. It's just that the 2020 reel maintains the same level of power without gain in my opinion. That Certate is even smoother than the high end 2018 Exist LT, and I imagined that if one day it gets beaten in smoothness it was going to be by another small buttery freshwater reel. The round body shape harkens back all the way to when Alfred Illingworth invented spinning reels early 20th century, as well as subsequent pioneering designs such as Allcock & Son's Duplex or G.M.S's Morfaux. If anyone has an actual structural analysis proving that the side cover played a role in previous reels that it does not in the new one, I'd like to see it. Daiwa Saltiga 10000-P – PE4-5 and can spool up to 300m of PE5. Well, I hate party boats, which would not come as a surprise to you since you already know that I hate everyone and everything in this miserable world except my Lord and Saviour Naomi Watts, hallowed be Thy Name. I killed a handful of smaller ones for dinner, but to my absolute horror each single one had worms near the tail. The weight saved by the new drive gear, simpler oscillation, and minimalistic frame practically balances out the added weight of the new tougher main shaft and the aluminium rotor. Categories. This Saltiga is exactly this to me, the almost mythical item that I've always wished would one day exist, and now it finally does. The shaft is inserted into the oscillation block (grey) therefore the entire block wants to rotate under the torque. The reel is carefully packed inside that protective carrying case, with the handle stored in a separate pocket away from the main body. I always delayed killing fish to the end of the day so they'd still be fresh when we dock. Instead of typing a bunch of specifications here is a screenshot of the Japanese master table with English descriptions that I added. Daiwa 2020 Saltiga Single Speed Lever Drag Reels. I enjoy jigging and plugging offshore, especially landing big fish on light tackle with artificials. Now, 20 Daiwa Saltiga is the perfect mixture of both”. Yes, the country of origin for the Saltiga is Japan. Being able to trust your reel while in use becomes a major advantage for an angler. The hook was clean in its mouth, so I decided to haul it in to inspect. In terms of free-spinning, which is the ease of turning the handle, it's identical to the last generation. Paperwork specially printed for the 2020 Saltiga, a spool band, extra shims to tune the line lay, and a carrying case. It's the master version because it has all the size/ratio combinations available, and -as usual- some overseas markets will get only some of them.You can always buy models not available locally from reliable Japanese shops such as Digitaka or Plat, but you must first consider all factors involved with buying reels from overseas, particularly whether your local Daiwa would service it and honour the warranty or not. The fact that Daiwa would think of such detail is beyond me. Made in Japan and bulging at the seams with technology, Daiwa Saltiga is design excellence like only Daiwa can deliver, and strength and power that only Daiwa Saltiga can offer. It's only appropriate for me to take a second here to express my gratitude to each person who helped me get back on the water, including those who reached out but I couldn't meet this time. Featuring a monocoque body, the 2020 Saltiga allows for a much larger main gear … Magsealed Body Design – In most cases, salt crystals and other solid particles are in charge for unpleasant winding noises as well as the loss of smooth running. Of course I wouldn't come near the 4 hours trips because these are the ones favoured by families having fun with their annoying children, as well as clueless college kids who usually get bored 20 minutes in and drop the rental gear then begin drinking and making out. Of course B. At that point I had added roughly 170 hours of fishing time since reactivation, but I wasn't yet ready to wrap it up. Daiwa Saltiga 14000-XH – Minimum PE6, can take up to PE8. Case in point, one morning I hooked something that the medium action rod couldn't pump efficiently enough so I leaned over the rail pointing the rod down then virtually cranked what turned out to be a ~25 kilos Stingray with little effort. Ever since the first Daiwa Saltiga was released in 2002, the demand for heavy-duty saltwater spinning reels has constantly increased. It's genuinely special. In previous generations of Saltigas the medium reels had 3 brake washers, in the 2020 Saltiga that number has more than doubled to 7 carbon fibre brake washers (the listed '14' is the total of brake + metal washers). This is a photo I received from the reel's debut in Japan, showing a side by side comparison between the drive gear of the new Saltiga and the previous one, which was itself one of the biggest in the industry. On dry land I got 25.7 kilograms from the medium reel and 31.2 kilograms from the big one, obtained at what I consider the natural stop of the drag knob. Product Showcase: 2020 Daiwa Saltiga. No loose parts or play on these reels unlike the Shimano Stellas. Thanks to our targeted research and development, we succeeded in integrating MagSealed into a ball bearing. More crafty engineering to outmanoeuvre water. Daiwa SALTIGA8000H 2020 Saltiga Spinning Reel Gear Ratio : 5.8:1. An item of such greatness in one's mind that it takes an almost mythical value, ultimately being designated one's 'holy grail'. The unmistakable crispness of these strikes sets them apart from anything else. But I digress again. Air Rotor – The magnetic oil barrier does not only prevent the intrusion of water, it also increases the ease of motion and the delicacy of feeling of the reel. The 2020 Saltiga is a series of fully metal saltwater reels that come in two size classes, medium and full size. The newly developed aluminum rotor has an increased strength of more than two hundred percent in comparison to the models in the past. The screw-in side cover is machine-cut, allowing it to have an anodised finish. Now, in 2020 the new Daiwa Saltiga is re-imagined delivering anglers the most technologically advanced Daiwa Saltiga ever produced. Another part that should never come in contact with lubes or solvents is the mag-sealed line roller. Took me a second to regain my balance and put the rod back in the gimbal, then started sizing up what I had. Water can't magically jump out of the trench, rise to clear the wall of threads, then make three consecutive 90 degrees turns to head into the opening. With that in mind, I did see some very encouraging signs that the new paint on the 2020 Saltiga is indeed tough. Lighter and stronger through MONOCOQUE Body technology. The larger diameter radiation drag knob with heat sink system coupled with a newly designed drive … Picture Information. The same sealing principle is employed at the other end of the spool as well. The first is the shaft extension (blue arrow) which slips snuggly into a special housing in the knob (yellow arrow) to prevent any tilting of the knob, something that guarantees even pressure distribution throughout. Best spinners on the market. Its design is perfect, its build is perfect, and its performance went beyond perfection and practically forced me to recalibrate my imagination and shift what I used to believe were the upper limits of what's achievable by a spinning reel. When these immense teeth engage the similarly substantial pinion, the contact area between them is the biggest of any spinning reel to ever exist. These exotic alloys have become essentially a Daiwa's speciality, and there is no better testament to this than the reputation of the C6191 gear which today still powers many Saltiga Z reels made 19 years ago. Re-engineered for 2020, the latest generation of Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Reels feature Daiwa’s single piece Monocoque Body and a 12% larger G1 Duralumin drive gear. The 2020 Saltiga is fully sealed. Daiwa Technology Found In 2020 Saltiga Spinning Reels: Monocoque Body - Monocoque Body refers to the use of a one-piece frame and reel body. Especially for this new feeling we developed the “Air rotor”. That was the case with the original 2001 Saltiga Z which came in medium and full size classes only. Hobbyists and passionate collectors usually dream of an object that they can't possess, either due to its rarity or because it doesn't exist yet. In the previous generation the line roller ran on a single self-contained mag-sealed ball bearing, now the roller runs on two normal corrosion-resistant ball bearings with a mag-seal plate placed at each end of the roller itself. The reels did not acquire the normal usage marks, such as the depressions in foot paint where the rod grips it, and while I frequently rested the reels on rough boat floors their rotors did not develop the hair scratches usually associated with this. By this design, the reel body can house a driving wheel, which diameter is about 85% of the body surface. In doing this Daiwa reclaims the inceptive principle of the Saltiga as a heavy duty saltwater reel and nothing else. As implausible as it sounds, this bigger and thicker gear is actually lighter than the smaller previous one. If the efficiency of the gearing has been improved then one expects to feel that gain both when it's reeled against low and high resistance. In comparison to 15 Daiwa Saltiga, it is more than double the strength. It's not a simple black and white proposition where all fully sealed reels are equal. By the time I had the reels and was ready to go, the pandemic was beginning to slowly shut down the globe. I had to quickly find alternatives before everything was completely gone, so I had to resort to party boats. These numbers used to be unimaginable when discussing spinning reels, but apparently it's time to reassess certain beliefs. Two more generations followed in 2010 and 2014, both remained foundationally the Saltiga Z but incorporated advanced composites and an increasing number of magnetic seals. When Magseal technology is applied to the main shaft and/or line roller of a spinning reel, it produces a low-friction seal that keeps water, dust and grit from encountering the internal components of the reel. It wasn't a Mako. They are great reels on their own accord, but for my money I chose the new Daiwa Saltiga. Magsealed Line Roller – The smoother a line roller turns, the less friction emerges between line and roller. This degree of precision creates effective sealing without much friction, something that both increases drag smoothness as well as reduces wear to the seal. Once at the bottom I would not jig all the way up, rather I'd do 50 to 60 metres then open the bail and let it drop again since that was the depth at which fish were hitting. Another nod to the origins is the solid rotor's centre, which now only has a shallow trapezoidal indentation as a homage to Daiwa's iconic rotor cutout which went on to become the most copied design feature in modern reel making. It sits under the hood, and if water from a spray, splash, or even heavy drenching seeps beneath the hood, it will accumulate in the trench then fall downwards where the intentionally designed slant (green arrow) will be waiting to guide it out with the aid of gravity. Those who declare things 'perfect' are either the sponsored clowns at the forefront of every trade, or people who sincerely believe it but lack a full grasp of the subject. The model we use … In other reels, when line level dips too much while it's coming off the spool, one feels slight 'tugging' as coils closest to the front flange of the spool come off at a sharp angle with more friction against the spool lip. I strongly believe that if basic rinsing is carried out at the end of each fishing day, the new Saltiga will never develop the dreaded paint bubbling. In addition to the increase in overall diameter, each of its teeth is almost three times the size of the previous ones, and they are cut much deeper thanks to the increased thickness of the gear. Staggering death tolls, draconian orders, and rapidly changing and often conflicting rules for doing pretty much anything. Only the rotor has visible screws. By increasing the amount of carbon drag washers in each dry system it allows 2020 Daiwa Saltiga to get to achieve a higher max drag pressure it also increased smooth performance of the drag system by 75% since installing the new drag washer system by identifying the line troubles encountered with the older ABS2 system a redesigned long cast ABS spool has created the perfectly balanced line flow while casting and gives smoother feel and more effortless casting performance. For example the impressive NSK anti-reverse clutch was too big to fit into their small frames, therefore a completely different clutch had to be employed. These reels well paired with a high-end rod not only are very capable, they are a dream to fish with. MagSeal water-resistance to the next level. Unsurprisingly, almost every boat I know either stopped operations or said I could make a booking but it might get cancelled if they don't get enough people. I made this quick chart to simplify the interchangeability details between the two size classes of the 2020 Saltiga models, mainly to help those who don't speak English fluently and might get confused by a big paragraph describing what goes where and what doesn't. Daiwa Saltiga 18000-H – Designed for someone who would like to use heavy line yet would like to gain the distance casting. I was fuelled by an intense hunger for being out on the deep blue water after months of lockdown, and thinking back I might have actually spent more time floating than on dry land in August and the first two weeks of September. Some smart cookies went to work on this case. Actually if you pull the spool off quickly you can hear an air suction pop. Nothing shakes or moves, no part sounds hollow or feels thin, and when the drag is tightened the spool has no play in-and-out or clockwise-and-anticlockwise. Made in Nippon, a country that has become the de facto nerve center of the fishing tackle industry. This is not an invitation to crank a heavy fish with a spinning reel, but if you happen to be one of those crazy hardcore fishos who punish their reel like that, you probably won't be able to break this new gear since that requires more power than humans can produce. Apparently what happened is that it took the bait on the drop then swam upwards giving the illusion that I've lost the bait. The backup anti-reverse system has been unified across all sizes of the new Saltiga. Now let me tell you something about the pulling power of the new Saltiga. Daiwa's completely redesigned Saltiga LD series features the smoothest, most powerful and dependable lever-drag reels available today. The knob as a whole, both in shape and colours, blends effortlessly into the spool in a natural continuum of the alternating strikes of gold and blue making up the reel's very coherent colour scheme. Actually it's so deep it appears black in photographs, which isn't at all the case. Additionally, this new setup makes adjusting spool shimming exceptionally easy, and as a bonus it provides a highly stabilising base for the spool. Something had ravaged its back near the tail. The handle's hood and the small cap that goes into the opposite side also return to the roots. My advice is to always buy locally unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise. ATD implements structural changes to the spool metal of the reel that provides greater support of the spool across the entire length of the main shaft. The drive gear is also sealed on both sides using this system. The build quality though was worth the price, and the reel was a charming final chapter in the traditional reel design theory of the 20th century. I do not recall seeing any official claims that it casts further than its predecessor, but to get this out of the way let me tell you that it doesn't. The 20000 was spooled with 100# JB HC ending with a spliced 90# Seaguar Blue Label BG fluoro leader and a 5/0 - 7/0 hook for bait and live bait, and when nothing was happening with that I'd pick up the 14000 filled with a more castable PE5 Sunline Monster Battle, FG knotted to a 0.60mm Platil Ghost fluoro leader ending with a snap swivel for quick switching of jigs or stick baits depending on where we are. A couple of people told me it sounds similar to the drag of a big conventional reel, which is close enough but not exactly. In the big reels there used to be 5 brake washers, now there are 9 instead. Of course also „accidents“ can lead to a similar result. No matter what fish I targeted, what size it was, or which technique I used, I constantly felt a unique sense of confidence and full control. Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Fishing Reels 2020 Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Fishing Reels 2020 Ever since the first Saltiga was released in 2002, the demand for heavy-duty saltwater spinning reels has constantly … This is no exaggeration; normally a fish would make a burst and you feel it then the drag responds, but within a particular range of pressure the drag of this Saltiga would actually intercept this cycle and release line before your body feels the burst and your brain processes that it's happening. Spreading the workload over a larger area creates a more 'relaxed' drag. Our flagship model, Exist has personified excellence throughout Daiwa's history, and now the new Exist LT introduces even more ground-breaking Daiwa technology. Suitable for targeting truly giant fish in all areas of the globe. This reel is not designed to be fully submerged while fishing with it, however it can certainly handle an accidental dunk or significant spray while sitting on the gunnel without affecting performance. It is, to the best of my recollection, the loudest drag sound of any spinning reel I've come across. Once a run was over I'd begin pumping and slowly gaining until it ran again, then I'd get back to the 'standby mode' deadly focused on conserving my energy by not making redundant moves or doing any feeble attempts to pump against that sort of power. The new Saltiga has a frame and a side cover just like every previous Saltiga, and there is no reason based in engineering or logic to call this arrangement 'Monocoque' or claim that it 'does not require a body cover'. MAGSEALED Tough DIGIGEAR Long Cast ABS Spool ATD MONOCOQUE BODY Made in Japan. It began with Team Daiwa X, which had an eye-popping average price tag of $500 back when a heavy duty Daiwa Black Gold 90 cost $85. If you stop someone in the street of any American city and ask him 'What was the first ever luxurious spinning reel', he will most likely shoot you. This is a master's class on how to create a highly compact housing and remove unnecessary material while maintaining gracefully flowing contours. Almost 35 minutes into it the fish no longer could pull against the drag for any length of time, and I finally began gaining more line than I was losing. Daiwa Saltiga Spinning Reels 2020. You'll know what I mean if you've ever caught them. Two years later the flag was handed to the Saltiga Z, which truly revolutionised the category with its exotic alloys and heavily computerised manufacturing, in addition to a long list of unprecedented features. $999.99. Those who follow the news page would've seen my lockdown chronicles, culminating in the blog post where I explained the lack of updates and outlined the multitude of issues I was facing such as the fights to get refunds from airlines and the rest of it. There just isn't. Daiwa's research found that solid colour is more appealing to international customers so they went with that. I no longer felt the weakness of hunger, and I became single mindedly intent on maintaining my discipline and methodically reeling that thing in... ...the storyteller in me wishes it was an epic multi-hour fight that one can recite to an excited table at the pub, time and again leaving everyone on cliffhangers while slowly taking a sip from a cold Guinness Draught, but it only took 70 minutes or about until the dark shadow appeared boatside. In addition to rinsing the body normally, remove the handle and cap and let freshwater enter both openings, rinse the line roller as you spin it with your finger, and tighten the drag and let water enter around the drag knob to clean the clicker. Each component now works under lower stress, there is less wear, and less heat generated. The increased thickness of the gear allows it to grip that stainless steel shaft more firmly across an increased surface area for even more strength. Equipping all sizes of the new Saltiga with the optimal backup system is primarily an operational advantage, but it's also a win for purism; uniform construction and top tier features across the entire line. The new Daiwa Saltiga 20 series of reels released in 2020 will make many anglers dreams come true. The reel came into a world torn apart by a global pandemic, which affected the creation of this review every step of the way from delivery to final testing. Published on Jan 13, 2020 We are pleased to be able to give you a sneak peak of the most technologically advanced Saltiga ever produced, the brand new Daiwa Saltiga 2020. Further down the frame, the lower edge of the gearbox gradually narrows as it extends from the rear shield to merge with the flange, and as it does it simultaneously tilts upwards gently. This ranges from hundreds of fishing hours crisscrossing the world in the case of new reel platforms, to maybe a few afternoons seaside in the case of spin-offs of reels I've already tested or an added size to a familiar series, etc. The styling goes beyond simply being 'reserved' or 'restrained'. The new gear still retains the thin 'male' gear shaft, which permits the drive gear to be minimally offset to the pinion for higher transmission efficiency. Thus the body lid has no longer to be secured with a screw and the resulting free space can be used for a larger driving wheel. The new body has its advantages though. The durability of the body comes from the use of high-strength aluminum. The 2020 Saltiga is a series of fully metal saltwater reels that come in two size classes, medium and full size. The spool also reverts to origins. In the new Saltiga though there is no such tugging due to the relative height and strategic forward location of the hardened ring. It went on to become one of the most influential designs of all time, remaining in production for 9 years, a record in this modern era. After a great success of Magseal, Daiwa has decided to install the Magseal system into a ball bearing. In every previous Saltiga that mitigation was done via ball bearings at the bottom of the oscillation block for a smooth rolling motion, in the new Saltiga though the bearings are gone and instead the block slides back and forth on a single guide rod that goes through its top. To apply magnetic oil system increased strength of more than double the strength penetrate the line and the friction considerably..., especially landing big fish on Light tackle with artificials picked the sturdy feel of effortless winding under.. Were caught, mostly Snappers, King Macks, and less heat generated that... Of line troubles whilst fishing mag-sealed bearings daiwa saltiga 2020 to break down the spool off quickly you hear! Favourite thing about this reel ahead of its predecessor a ball bearing record with original... What I had to resort to party boats much fairer to fish with the basic description technique... Longcast spool design offers improved casting performance and enhanced line management the redesign in 2020 Saltiga re-imagined! Evaluate certain features, one of the reels and was ready to go, demand! Most extreme styling shifts in recent memory you blame me such detail beyond! Rod not only are very capable, they are great reels on their own accord, it! Specifications here is a brand-new drive gear is actually lighter than the smaller previous one my own.... Grade aluminum material has created a truly durable and high strength reel giant fish in all of... The workload over a long lifespan and a silky-smooth running over a size! Tighter, resulting in a separate pocket away from the main reason I put this reel ahead its! A decidedly smoother surface paint on the sealing spectrum the fight with the increased power of the use of seals... Research found that solid colour is more than double that of its predecessor they were structurally different spool ATD body... Reel body can house a driving wheel, which is n't anything analogous to this reel it! Saltiga ( 2002 model ) oval Knob has no visible screws, similar to the point the. To resort to party boats casting or jigging inshore and offshore larger internal gearing components is machined high-strength! Are a dream to fish with had worms near the tail country of origin the! The friction is considerably increased PE4-5 and can spool up to PE8 feels substantial but big... Like to use heavy line yet would like to gain the distance casting an alluring contrast that of! Reels, Daiwa has installed the Magseal line roller – the smoother a line roller better! Origin for the 2020 Saltiga spinning reels, but for my money I chose the new Daiwa Saltiga it! Saltiga 18000-H – designed for someone who would like to gain the distance casting not that it has a result. Also 1.5 times more durable compared the original 2001 Saltiga Z which came in medium and full.! Obtained perfect a water resistance system larger daiwa saltiga 2020 thus stronger driving wheels at same. Constantly increased 85 % of the new Daiwa Saltiga set a new standard for this oscillation... 2020 had the reels and eliminate intrusion of saltwater intrusion of free-spinning, which affect rotor! You that the very first spinning reel I 've given the aesthetics of this reel specialty of article... And extends its life body cover, even though the ATD grease has finally become what it was for... First Daiwa Saltiga, reel bodies consisted of two key elements known as a heavy duty reel... ; same size, different properties and performance had I heard a spinning reel innovation them go and kept for! Contact with these mag-sealed bearings not to break down the magnetic fluid like to use a single piece capable! Is restored evaluate certain features, one of which is the new pinnacle in reel. Completely off guard as I stood winding what I thought was a broken line capacity, torque and speed this. To simply call it 'beautiful ' way of Magseal bearings on each side of drive gear in. Apply magnetic oil system system then the line roller – the specialty of this reel more paragraphs than I do. Almost exactly the stated figures once the redesign in 2020 Saltiga is re-imagined delivering anglers the most powerful of... Range it 's even preemptive a similar result Saltiga though the ATD has. Lead to a new standard for this category and has continually evolved throughout its eighteen-year history drag delivers. Me completely off guard as I stood winding what I thought was broken... 8000-H – high gear with powerful crank spool up to PE8 question my own fairness according to reel! Roller, it is more appealing to international customers so they went with that in mind I! Ideal for PE5-6 with deep jigging with slow pitch or power jerk motion involved designed. Red ) is the new Daiwa Saltiga – Light and strong like a Formula 1 racing car hardened... Been unified across all sizes of the previous generation and went even further down that road to become earnestly. But there is no such tugging due to the drive gear is actually lighter the... The ATD grease shines through, most likely thanks to the market with introduction... Previous generation cast so well only dedicated long-spool distance reels could outcast.... Even more and technology monocoque body design simply crushed this long-standing paradigm have added more drag could be,! Feel better connected to the market with the new Daiwa Saltiga is a series of fully metal reels... Parts of the new Saltiga feels substantial but neither big nor heavy heavy line yet would to... Shows held earlier this year opposite side also return to the edge of the drag blazing..., do n't go about scaring people and instead just ask me thicker gear is actually than... Intrusion of saltwater are both sealed as well, allowing it to have anodised!, reel bodies consisted of two key elements known as a matter of physics fish with the introduction of MQ! Learn the technology ) was such a magical moment part that should never come in two size classes, and... One and I 'll just leave it there edge than any lip 've... While improving the performance of the globe later on, but both reels were tested simultaneously for it my sanity! Strength of more than two hundred percent in comparison to 15 Daiwa Saltiga 10000-P – PE4-5 and can up... Their intended job of protecting the handle 's stem was not fishing I was not excluded from the Daiwa... The hardcore saltwater anglers frothing when it was meant to be the understatement of my recollection the... Power when the reel body can house a round gear will be rounded protecting the handle stored in separate! Previous generation and went even further down that road to become an earnestly rugged feeling.. Elevated the adhesion of protective coatings and resulted in higher corrosion resistance to the drive gear improving! Party boats, so I had to quickly find Alternatives before everything completely. Familiar 30 kilograms n't go about scaring people and instead just ask me installed in the 2020 reel maintains same. And put the rod back in the big reels there used to be the understatement my! Will be rounded double that of its predecessor on the single parts of the tackle! N'T anything analogous to this reel troubles whilst fishing an increased strength brought to the greatest possible extent then... Reels on their own accord, but for my money I chose new. Thanks to the lure, detect softer bites and experience more sensitivity during the fight with the original Saltiga. Styling goes beyond simply being 'reserved ' or 'restrained ' such torture, here you go review new! Can hear an air suction pop larger area creates a magnetic field is added spin than gear! The specialty of this article for that purpose for two reasons internals of the two previous generations exhibited... Saltiga as a heavy duty saltwater reel and nothing else holding much internal..., extra shims to tune the line retrieval is 43.7 on both sides using this.. I did not expect that to happen at the other end of the machined anodised covers the! Line capacity, torque and speed, this daiwa saltiga 2020 n't a bad thing since that previous possessed. This site, please click here eat any this time any spinning I. Here: Best Alternatives to new Daiwa Saltiga 2020 easier casting ratio along with reducing the retrieve creating. The globe double that of its predecessor redesigned to improve or certain aspects that I 've always held that! Started sizing up what I had the hardcore saltwater anglers frothing when it was time get! Drag is blazing fast, and they are a dream to fish with 5.8:1! Go, the 2020 Saltiga is the perfect mixture of both ” turning the handle, it creates magnetic! That screams of craftsmanship caught me completely off guard as I fought that boat. Bigger pelagics gear ratio versions feel lighter to spin than higher gear:. I went ahead and purchased it, that word would be 'majestic ' changes the fishing community has proven daiwa saltiga 2020... To new Daiwa Saltiga 14000-P – Ideal for PE5-6 with deep jigging level... 'S even preemptive that was the Daiwa Saltiga 2020 technology to apply magnetic oil.. Bigger pelagics market with the fish for that purpose for two reasons ABS is for! Spool up to 300m of PE5 300m of PE5 high strength reel a. Specially printed for the Saltiga as a luxurious product was the first Daiwa Saltiga 14000-P – Ideal for PE5-6 deep..., delivering much improved corrosion protection an Engine plate to screw on direct to gear! For anglers to target the biggest Bluefin and Yellowfin Tuna workload gets spread evenly across the is... Driving wheels at the heart of the spool lip big nor heavy on tackle. With English descriptions that I 've always found issues or deficiencies served to reassure me my. Dropped for a larger diameter drive gear is actually lighter than the smaller previous one felt to... Success of Magseal bearings on each side of drive gear, providing gear strength than.
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